Tiny Triumphs Add Up To Satisfying Successes,
Including Spectacular Success

People triumph over tragedy by creating tiny triumphs that together overcome the tragedy. Paula Kramer triumphed over six tragedies. Through her writing, coaching, consulting, speaking, greeting cards, posters, and documentary, Paula uses what she learned from triumphing over tragedy to help other people create the personal and professional triumphs that add up to a variety of satisfying successes, including spectacular success. 

To help you create the tiny triumphs that can add up to become all kinds of success, Paula offers free PDF downloads of:

  • Information from several of the pages on this website
  • Information from more of Paula's of research, observations, and experiences
  • Worksheets

See the PDF Downloads page.

Also see blog.speakingfromtriumph.com.


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tiny triumphs & satisfying successes
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To help other people find the triumphs and successes that would be most meaningful to them, use the following example for the headings of your stories.

Tiny Triumph:
Discovering the healing power of apple cider vinegar

Satisfying Success:
Using apple cider vinegar to end the pain of a second degree burn in minutes


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Reducing Bad & Ugly Gossip
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Encouraging Workplace Cooperation
Encourage cooperation between coworkers by posting the steps for working with others and satisfying others for everyone to see. People who fail to work with others will make themselves look bad to both coworkers and management. Supervisors can use the steps for coaching purposes.

From Bullying to Networking in Schools
To encourage networking in middle school and high school, start with the Be A Networker poster and consider the "You May Also Like" posters. Students will learn how bullying can backfire as well as four networking steps that proved successful for Navy recruits.

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